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The bio-future starts with us

We have developed technologies that are unique in the world. We produce green chemicals. We manufacture environmentally friendly products for industrial use.

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We produce biocompatible cosmetic raw materials with many potential applications.

The manufacturing process is based on a patented biorefinery design, which allows for a holistic approach to the product life cycle, placing particular emphasis on production activities that do not damage the environment. In our production processes, we use the resources of Polish fields and for our products we use fermented rapeseed meal and waste materials from other industries. We have also developed a phenomenal formula for the production of feed materials and complementary feed.

We are guided by the principle of 3 x 100%
100% natural
100% renewable energy
100% use of resources

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Fermentation parameters and conditions affecting levan production and its potential applications in cosmetics.


Biotransformation of rapeseed meal leading to production of polymers, biosurfactants, and fodder.


The influence of Bacillus subtilis 87Y isolated from Eisenia fetida on the growth of pathogenic and probiotic microorganisms.


Nanoemulsion Stabilized by Safe Surfactin from Bacillus subtilis as a Multifunctional, Custom-Designed Smart Delivery System.

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