Anton Paar MCR 92 Modular Rheometer

We offer services for testing the rheological properties of high and low viscosity liquids (including cosmetics and food products) using a modular rheometer from the renowned Anton Paar company.


  • 455 and 780 nm high-brightness lasers; factory aligned, user-interchangeable;
  • Full range gratings for complete spectra in one shot. 50 cm-1 to 3500 cm-1 (3300 cm-1 for 780 nm laser) with spectra resolution of 5 cm-1;
  • precise automatic stage with 0.1 µm resolution allowing for identification of small objects / small sample fragments including inclusions;
  • Software permits sample mapping and image analysis for determining the distribution of components on the sample surface;
  • Extensive Raman libraries and easy to use search capabilities (~15 000 spectra);
  • 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X microscope objectives, with brightfield/darkfield,
  • oil immersion, and long working distance options;


  • Rapid and non destructive;
  • No sample preparation;
  • No water interference – easy to measure aqueous samples;
  • Complementary to FT-IR;
  • Easy access to low vibrational frequencies, making it easy to analyze inorganic molecules;


Application Area:

  • Dyes and Chemicals;
  • Fibers;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Nanotechnology;
  • Packaging;
  • Polymers;
  • Paper Manufacturing;
  • Forensics;
  • Gemstones;
  • Geology;
  • Art Restoration and the Study of Cultural Artifacts.


Exemplary applications:

  • Identification of impurities in production materials
  • Analysis of polymeric materials (identification of materials, layers, inclusions/defects)
  • Analysis of biological samples (identification, changes under the influence of cosmetic agents examination of tissues in the diagnosis of diseases, kidney stones, examination of microorganisms)
  • Analysis of spatial distribution of components in pharmaceutical samples
  • Studies of carbon materials (graphene, etc.)
  • Examination of works of art, precious stones, amber, etc.
  • Analysis of geological / mineral samples
  • Measurements of photovoltaic, photoluminescent, semiconductor materials;
  • R&D work in the field of lithium-ion batteries
  • In-situ measurements of catalytic materials
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