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We provide routine and tailored laboratory services for business, taking the burden of additional work off our partners.

We help in the selection of measurement methods and support with our experience, enabling the transfer of knowledge from science to business.


We offer our clients and partners a wide range of research services,
which includes analytical work and
microbiological work. We are also happy to solve
problems related to the selection of measurement methods for
materials with complex matrices and we provide advice
in the field of microbiological purity testing of various
materials. We help in tasks
in the scope of research cooperation with units implementing R&D projects.

Among the laboratory services of InventionBio S. A. you can find a successively expanded portfolio of routine tests performed according to company and industry standards as well as specialist tests developed in cooperation with our clients.

How to order the service?

1. Fill in the form

The form collects the data necessary for us to provide you with a personalized offer in accordance with your requirements.

In the event of more complex research requiring the development of a full methodology, we will contact you.

2. See the offer

We want the offer to be satisfactory and fully understandable for you.

3. Ask questions

03 Ask questions If you have any doubts or something is unclear, please contact the laboratory office.
tel. (+48) 693 332 686

4. Submit your order

When you decide to carry out the research, please send your order and refer to the commercial offer received.

5. Send samples

Please send your secured samples to our laboratory.

Integrated Laboratory Center
Inventionbio S. A.
ul. Jakóba Hechlińskiego 4
85-825 Bydgoszcz

6. Wait for the examination

After receiving the samples, we register the material for testing and carry out the work according to industry standards or our own methods.

7. Read the report

We send you a comprehensive report with information about the methodology, devices used and the results of the research.

8. Close the job

At this stage, we send you documents for the settlement of the current order and we look forward to further cooperation.

Routine tests

Specialist research

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Our office will be happy to answer your questions regarding technical matters and how to obtain services.

tel. (+48) 693 332 686

Integrated Laboratory Center
InventionBio S. A.
ul. Jakóba Hechlińskiego 4
85-825 Bydgoszcz

Notifications about changes in the InventionBio offer

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General Terms and Conditions of Service

We have also prepared general terms and conditions for the provision of services for you.

We have also prepared general terms and conditions for the provision of services for you.